Welcome to Bundang Memorial Park

Welcome to Bundang Memorial Park.
Bundang Memorial Park is different from any other memorial parks in Korea.
We’ve always been ahead of everyone else in the perspective of the vision and
direction of Korea’s memorial parks. It’s been evolving not only to be a place
where our loved ones are at rest but also to be a space where those who are
living can enjoy with comfort and ease.

The elements that make Bundang Memorial Park stand out from all others
include a forest full of birds singing, unique sculptures, beautiful grave yards
that reminds of cozy gardens, epitaphs with their own touching stories and
resting places for celebrities which already attract the visitors.

We’ve worked very hard to be the best based upon the trust the customers have been
giving us for the last 50 years.

A memorial park of nature and the arts can be found in the center of the city.

Please come visit Bundang Memorial Park in a comfortable mood and take nice long

You’ll find a jewel waiting for you.

Facts about Bundang Memorial Park

  • Address

    79, Saenari-ro, Bundang-gu,
    Seongnam, Kyounggi-do,
    South Korea

  • Official name

    Bundang Memorial Park

  • Area

    913,929 squared meters

  • President

    Mr. Lee Kyuman

  • Established


  • Operating hours

    AM 9:00 ~ PM 5:00
    Open all year round

Contact information

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