1. Bundang Memorial Park is…

Bundang Memorial Park offers a new paradigm of graves in the field of Korean memorial parks. The graves are a lot different from the ones of the past. Many types of graves can be found here. The designs as well as the colors of the graves are varied. Some graves were incorporated with artistic works. The conventional wisdom that epitaph must be like such was changed. It is reborn to be a space where you can express words and writings you hope to cherish forever. You’ll find there a kind of literature that are honest and beautiful.

The various graves were assigned in a beautiful and harmonious way to resemble a well-maintained garden or park. The depressive nature of graves cannot be found here as the space to remember the deceased are presented in a positive and artistic way.

2. Find the followings at Bundang Memorial Park

Korea’s first artistic memorial park with sculptures. It’s an artistic space where you can experience sculptures by masters.

Bundang Memorial Park is in the center of the city. Because it’s close to home, you can stop by any time to visit the people you miss.

It’s a natural park. It’s on par with any natural parks with its deep forests and green environment. Various trees are found on the vast area of land where you can feel the spirit of new life and nature. Many types of flower trees including the cherry blossoms show off their beauty in the spring while the colorful autumn leaves are great in the fall.

There is a wide selection to choose from. The types of graves include traditional Korean graves, a stone-made grave for cremated ashes of the entire family members, niche for 1 or 2 people and many other types. You can choose one of them based on your needs or preferences for family grave, economical value, traditional burial and other things to consider.

Many Korean celebrities have chosen Bundang Memorial Park as their resting grounds. Many famous people including comedians, singers, actors are laid to rest here.

Bundang Memorial Park is known to be in a great fengshui location. Ancestors that are at buried Bundang Memorial Park will provide great futures for their descendents.

The employees at Bundang Memorial Park offer great services to clients and treat them like family. We always do our best and serve guests with passion.